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We are specialists in the repairs of Mobile phones & computers. The main focus is the expansion of our technical services division, our internal functions, customer service and repair methods. We have developed an efficient repair tracking system that will ensure a quick and accurate enquiry response.

What We Do

We offer many different types of mobile phone repairs, on many different types of mobile phones. We pride ourselves on our work

We are the leading mobile phone repair centre in Lenasia, SOUTH AFRICA. We repair and unlock 99% of mobile phones in the market.

Our experienced staff and technician have repaired over thousands of phones and have experience of over 12 years in the Mobile Phone field. Most of the phones brought to us are fixed within 24 hours. In most cases you can wait while we repair your phone.

If you are not in Lenasia or cannot come to us you can courier the phone to us, contact for more details.

If you have a locked / unlocked / Broken phone we can unlock, repair and service it. We repair all kinds of problems, both software and hardware

Services Offered


Hardware problems are mostly caused by dropping or mishandling a phone. normally the lcd is the first thing to break. We stock a wide range of lcd’s and spare parts to handle these types of problems.


All phones are programmed with software in order to give the phone its features and capabilities, sometimes these software become corrupt or unusable. To fix this problem a major software upgrade needs to be done. This process is called flashing

Water Damage

Means some kind of moisture has entered the phone. Some phones have a water damage indicator, a small white label on battery and phone. If it becomes red, this means the phone has been exposed to water. In most cases we can repair these types of phones.


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